Five great examples of how charities are using social media

A great little blog post, all about the use of social media for charities

Honey Lucas blog

Basket of social media iconsSeeing how other charities are using social media is a great way of firing up the imagination, and prompting us to think about how our organisations can use these tools to transform the way we talk about our work. Here are five examples of charities using apps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to re-connect with their charitable aims and supporters.

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Case Study; Gemini Supplies and Knights & Hyde… Intro

Case study introduction:

The Last Hurdle is pleased to be working with Gemini Supplies and Knights & Hyde Knights & Hyde are a leading Kettering based company who provide a comprehensive range of business supplies to Northamptonshire and beyond.  Together with Knights & Hyde is Gemini Janitorial Supplies who are specialists in everything to do with industrial cleaning and maintenance.  Both companies work together to offer a complete range of workplace consumables under one roof. Covering Northamptonshire and it’s bordering counties.

Having just launched their website Sales manager Sheila Smith jumped at the chance of becoming The Last Hurdle’s case study.

The social media presence for the company was limited to what Sheila had managed to accomplish around her other duties, and she wanted to push the company towards expanding their social media activity and capitalising on this increasingly popular avenue for marketing.

During the initial consultation, we identified where the company’s target market lay and decided that social media would be a great platform to get their products in front of potential new business. It was agreed we would concentrate on each of the three large social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter & linkedin and how to market Gemini Supplies and Knights & Hyde through each, directing traffic back to the new website, through promotion and interaction activities. Therefore, we agreed to spend the 3x 1 hour sessions, divided between each platform and covering advanced scheduling through the Hootsuite dashboard.

This case study is appealing to The Last Hurdle, as it will allow us to educate a company on transferable sales and marketing skills into this relatively new medium. Whilst maintaining this forum is an ‘as well as’ solution to marketing and not an ‘instead of’ solution. Along the way highlighting that this is a ‘social’ media and interaction, networking and connection building are all vital parts to the successful implementation of a social media strategy. Just as important as conveying your sales message.

I for one can’t wait to see how we get on!

Jules Thomas

The Last Hurdle

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Sales tip…

I am often asked what my biggest tip is, my best piece of advise in a sales environment. In fact the answer is very simple and I try to ensure I apply it to all aspect of my professional life, whether it is a business meeting, networking event or collaborating with colleagues. In fact it is so simple I can hardly comprehend how so many people overlook it. My earth shattering tip to a successful sales career, is… be yourself.  

That’s it! No smoke, no mirrors, no tricks. Be yourself. If you pretend to be something you’re not people will realise on a sub concious level that something isn’t quite right. They might not be able to put their finger on it, but they will get the feeling all is not quite right and as the buying process is a very emotional experience this will have a huge influence on their opinion/decision.

As the amazing Rob Brown says, you have to be yourself, as you can’t be anyone else, they are all taken.

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Precious, Precious Reviews

We all know the power of recommendations and testimonials, but did you know you can add a ‘review’ tab to your business page that allows your customers to review you? This is a particularly powerful tool on Facebook business pages as the owner of the page, that’s you, is unable to in any way add to, edit or post their own reviews. This is a two edged sword as you cannot remove any adverse comments either, obviously if they break Facebook rules then it can be reported in the correct way. Reviews have to come from Facebook accounts that are not owners or admin’s of the page.

So now you know all those reviews are legitimate, how do you go about adding a Review Tab of your own?

First step go to your page. Top right click on the edit page button. Then select from the left hand menu Apps and the reviews selection will be somewhere near the bottom, by clicking on the link you can find the direct link to the tab to be able to direct your loyal followers. If you have the ‘Go to Application’ option click this and follow the instructions, if not it means you already have your tab, time to go and drag it into the light! When you are in the ‘edit page’ mode of your page you are able to click and drag the page selections to the left (just under your profile picture) this will enable you to re-arrange your page contents in order of priority.

Now you have your Review tab, time to get your customers to leave a review, a great way is to utilise that link we found above, it can accompany a direct call to action and will save any stumbling around by people not to familiar with Facebook.

Happy review gathering 🙂

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The Accidental Customer…

Without bleating (don’t get me started!), about the circumstances. Last Autumn I was forced to move twice in six weeks. By the time the second move came around I was in no mood to change utility suppliers. In fact I had lost my sense of humour about most things remotely related to moving!

I found our new supplier was The Utility Warehouse, I had heard of this company through networking meetings, not that I knew much only that they had great ‘piggy’ business cards. I had run out of steam, so out of laziness and frustration I called the company, gave them my new details and away we went with our new gas and electricity supplier. I didn’t think of them again until 4 months later. I had finally got around to giving them a meter reading, it wasn’t a high priority as the direct debit payments and the bills had been very reasonable. It turns out they had been a tad generous in their estimations whilst awaiting my reading and in 4 months I had over paid just over £150.00!

Now that really did make me sit up and take notice, that means my bills were far cheaper and I had already been pleased! Imagine my surprise when the lady I was talking to calmly informed me that this overpayment will be returned to my bank account at the end of the month! Is this the elusive ‘customer service’ I hear lots of companies talking about? It may well be that all utility providers act in this manner, I have to admit I had never seen it anywhere else. It’s little wonder that 6 months later I am a business partner! But that’s another story 🙂

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Follow up, Follow Through…

Do you do them? If not, why not? Are we scared of personal rejection? Too busy flying here there and everywhere? Well ponder this…

Every time you fail to follow up on a quote, you might as well have not bothered. Every time you fail to follow up after a business meeting, you might as well not bothered to attend. Every time you fail to follow up after a networking meeting, you may as well have stayed at work. Seems a bit harsh, but it is approx 95% true.

Telephone Answering Service

Whatever your reasons, when you fail to follow through your entire effort has been wasted. Without a definitive  answer, how do you know that quote would have turned out? In this economic climate people shop around, if you don’t follow up… your COMPETITORS WILL.

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Share the Secret and Save…

Share and Save Plan


  • Do you know anyone who you think would benefit from being a customer of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club?

    The Utility Warehouse offers a unique Share and Save plan that allows you to earn an extra discount on your monthly bill by introducing friends, family or colleagues to the company! There is no limit to the size of your discount.

  • Simply introduce a friend to the Utility Warehouse and they will give you a discount on your bill, every month, for as long as they remain a customer. The discount is 0.5% for each service they take – so if your friends take BroadCall (phone and broadband), Gas and Electricity, that’s 2% off. Five friends like that, and that’s 10% off your bill!
  • If you enjoy saving money, then the Utility Warehouse Share and Save plan is just for you! It gives you the opportunity to make even greater savings on your monthly bill simply by telling your friends about the Utility Warehouse. Whenever someone you recommend joins the Club, the Utility Warehouse will give you an extra discount on your bill – every month – for as long as they remain a customer. The move services they take, the bigger the discount you’ll earn!
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