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Have you heard the one that goes…

What comes around, goes around. Does it conjure positive or negative thoughts? Did your Mum say, when annoyed at a perceived wrong – ‘What comes around goes around’  Like some karmic fortune teller of doom. But what if we apply … Continue reading

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So you have the magic 25x ‘likes’, now what?

You have done it, well done! You have devised a beautiful new business page on facebook, you have got 25x people to pop in and ‘like’ your page, great! Now what? Well now you can get your vanity URL. Which … Continue reading

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A Rose By Any Other Name…

Know exactly what it is we do? Really? We are called many things: Call Handler, Virtual PA, Call Centre (boo hiss), VPA, Virtual Receptionist… etc. We are The Genies and we don’t mind what you call us (well so long … Continue reading

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If you don’t believe in yourself…

… why should anyone else? I heard this phrase an awful lot of times before I realised how true this can be. Are you putting obstacles in your own path? I love the following phrase: ‘If you think you can, … Continue reading

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Need an extra pair of hands, but only when it gets busy?

Do you think: I wish I had another me I need help but I don’t want or can’t afford an employee God! It’s hectic around here on a Monday morning* Will someone get that bloody phone! Argh my to-do list … Continue reading

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Three tips to keeping your Genies happy…

1. Never (and we mean never) refer to your Genie as a call centre or the answering service  Make her feel a valued part of your business, after all by answering your calls she is the first impression most people … Continue reading

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Why do we hate to leave voicemails?

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of hang ups you get when you have your answer machine enabled! After reading a recent statistic from BT (69% of people encountering an answer machine will hang up rather than leave … Continue reading

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