Follow up, Follow Through…

Do you do them? If not, why not? Are we scared of personal rejection? Too busy flying here there and everywhere? Well ponder this…

Every time you fail to follow up on a quote, you might as well have not bothered. Every time you fail to follow up after a business meeting, you might as well not bothered to attend. Every time you fail to follow up after a networking meeting, you may as well have stayed at work. Seems a bit harsh, but it is approx 95% true.

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Whatever your reasons, when you fail to follow through your entire effort has been wasted. Without a definitive  answer, how do you know that quote would have turned out? In this economic climate people shop around, if you don’t follow up… your COMPETITORS WILL.


About JulesWhite

I am a business development specialist and founder of The Last Hurdle. Business Development works best when it works in conjuncture with all development streams, we provide sales, marketing, social media marketing, networking, digital marketing, SEO and Wordpress websites.
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4 Responses to Follow up, Follow Through…

  1. Great post Jules. I am often guilty of not following up quotes or meetings. I dont want to feel like i am adding pressure to the client to make a decision.

    P.S you should add a share button to your posts so i can bookmark them faster. WordPress has some good share plugins.

  2. hanifdebar says:

    Very true. As the saying goes, “the fortune is in the follow-up.” !

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