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Follow up, Follow Through…

Do you do them? If not, why not? Are we scared of personal rejection? Too busy flying here there and everywhere? Well ponder this… Every time you fail to follow up on a quote, you might as well have not … Continue reading

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Have you heard the one that goes…

What comes around, goes around. Does it conjure positive or negative thoughts? Did your Mum say, when annoyed at a perceived wrong – ‘What comes around goes around’ ┬áLike some karmic fortune teller of doom. But what if we apply … Continue reading

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Novice to Networking Advocate!

Having been involved in sales for 15+ years (omg really? That long huh? Really?), I was struggling to understand the whole Networking thing, when introduced to it by my new boss last year. Old school sales means you attend a … Continue reading

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